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Plymouth UCC's Identity Statement

We believe:

  • That each person’s life is a God-given gift; 
  • That God intends, and Jesus gave his life for, a world in which this is realized by each of us about ourselves and about all others;
  • That society should reflect this with justice and well-being for all;
  • That scripture is our liberating document to this end.

We seek:

  • To build understanding, passion, celebration and joy among Plymouth people for this view of God, the world, and ourselves.
  • To build and spread our understanding of this truth in the community at large and gain members who embrace this truth.
  • To constantly strive to make a difference in building this inclusive community, both in our church and the community as a whole.

Plymouth UCC’s Mission Statement

We come together as a United Church of Christ seeking to celebrate God’s gift of abundant life and to grow in Faith and Knowledge, Commitment and Support, Unity and Diversity, Ministry and Service.

Phone: 616-455-4260
Fax: 616-455-4149
Email: Plymouth (at)
4010 Kalamazoo Avenue SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49508

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