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Bible: The Bible is the faith-story of God’s people who sought to speak of their encounter with the Holy and what that meant. They used the worldview, understandings, and images of their day to tell this story. Thus the Bible is often not to be interpreted literally, as that tends to distort its original intent by interpreting it through 21st century culture and language. When read with faith, humility, and in light of its historical context, the Bible contains eternal truth as to the nature and will of God and is thus our inspiration and direction for ministry.

The World: We believe that this world and all that is therein is God’s. All people are children of God regardless of race, culture, religious belief, sexual orientation or identity, or where they reside. In Christ, God has come not to save us from the world, but rather to renew and redeem the whole creation. Though we understand God to be most fully revealed in Jesus Christ and pledge ourselves to God through him, we believe that God can and does work in many ways including through other faith traditions and through those who do not profess faith.


Covenant: We join together with God and one another to govern and support the life and ministry of the local church. Together with other churches of the United Church of Christ, through denominational bodies, we minister locally, statewide, in the United States, and internationally with partner churches all over the world.

Welcoming and Affirming: No matter where you are in life’s journey, all are welcome here. We seek to actively welcome persons of every age, tongue, race, and religious background. Also, Plymouth is “Open and Affirming.” By an affirmation of the congregation, we are open to and affirming of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons, just as they are, into the full life and ministry of the congregation.

Seeking: We are a people seeking to learn God’s will and way, and to participate in building God’s just and peaceable realm on earth. We believe that God is still speaking. Borrowing a line from comedienne, Grace Allen, “Don’t place a period where God has placed a comma.”

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